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I am trying to cut down the file size of a kml file I have.

The coordinates for the polygons are this accurate:


I am not very good with regex, but I think it would be possible to write one that selects the eight characters before the commas. I'd run a search and replace so the result would be


Any regex experts out there think this is possible?

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In which language or which tool do you want to use? –  stema Nov 17 '11 at 10:54

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Try this


and replace with an empty string

See it here on Regexr

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Here is something that might work. Replaces 8 chars and the coma with a coma: s/(.{8}),/,/g;

echo "-113.52106535153605,53.912817815321503,0." | sed 's/.\{8\},/,/'

So you can cat the file you have to a sed command like this:

cat file.kml | sed 's/.\{8\},/,/' > newfile.kml

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I Just had to do the same thing. This is perl instead of sed, but it will look for a string of eight uninterrupted digits and then replace any number of uninterrupted digits after that with nothing. It worked great.

cat originalfile.kml | perl -pe 's/(?<=\d{8})\d*//g' > shortenedfile.kml

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