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I am trying to list applications installed on particular server below command works fine on WAS 6.x and 7 however I cannot make the same on WAS 5.x

wsadmin> $AdminApp list /WebSphere:cell=cell01,node=node01,server=server1/

Also, $AdminApp help list does not show optional scope parameter.

Could you please advise ?


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I don't have access to v5 right now to test, but something like this might work:

proc listAppsByTarget {target} {
  global AdminApp
  set result []

  regsub -all / $target "" target
  foreach app [$AdminApp list] {
    foreach line [split [$AdminApp view $app -MapModulesToServers] "\r\n"] {
      if [regexp "^Server:  ${target}($|,)" $line] {
        lappend result $app

  return $result

This will print any application that has a module targetted to the specified server. Used like this:

wsadmin>listAppsByServerTarget /WebSphere:cell=cell,node=node,server=server1/
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I found the way, however it's not the same output, it needs to be parsed to get the details.

wsadmin > $AdminControl queryName type=Application,node=node01,process=server1

In case there is another way please let me know.

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Note that AdminControl only works in connected mode (when the server is running), but otherwise, this probably gives the data you're looking for. –  bkail Dec 15 '11 at 15:25

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