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YUI3 is supposed to support IE6 but here is what I try the drag-and-drop demo on IE6:

YUI3 drag-n-drop demo bug on IE6, screen turns red yellow

When I begin dragging, the screen turns red and yellow.

Note that I am using IETester (because I don't have an IE6 around) so that might be an IETester bug.

QUESTION: Is it something that I can fix by tweaking the YUI3 settings, or a quick modification?
Most of our users come from China, where IE6 is at 37%, so I can't ignore IE6.

UPDATE: It also happens on IE8 on the same machine where IETester is installed, but not with IE8 on separate machines, so I guess IETester is messing with the whole system.

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The issue you mention only happens in IETester, not in IE6.

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Did you test on a real IE6? Thanks a lot! I was afraid it was an artifact of YUI's shim system getting accidentally visible. –  Nicolas Raoul Dec 7 '11 at 9:54
Yes, I had the exact same problem. As I'm running Win7, I used XP Mode to try my pages with IE6. –  CGK Dec 7 '11 at 10:53

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