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Ok so I have an XML object.

$articles, I am foreach-ing around this, like so:

foreach($articles as $key => $ind_article) {


The problem I have is that the values I need to access are like so:


But I can't set the image source of the article because the key is unknown, yet I know it starts with image. What can I do to the array/object to either order it or display all image values?

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"I have an XML object" - can you please be more specific? Since you're using foreach() my bets are on docs.php.net/simplexml but you never know... –  VolkerK Nov 17 '11 at 11:22
Yes, you are right, its simplexml –  benhowdle89 Nov 17 '11 at 11:23

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foreach($articles as $key => $ind_article) {
    $variables = get_object_vars($ind_article);
    foreach ($variables as $inner_key => $variable) {
         if (strpos($inner_key, "image") === 0) {
              echo "Found image: $variable";
              // This should also work: echo $ind_article->$inner_key;
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