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This is my XML Format , for which i am using STAX for parsing and putting them inside my java Object called as FormBean

<Brd units="5" sold="15">
<Brd units="5" sold="15">
<Brd units="5" sold="15">

class FormBean 
double units;
double sold;
String name;
String id ;

See the way i am doing parsing using STAX

if (startElementName.equals("Brd")) 
FormBean formbean = new FormBean();
// Here i am getting the attributes from Brd and setting them into FormBean
// as shown in below way
formbean.units = attribute.getValue(); // sets the unit value into FormBean 

if (startElementName.equals("name")) 


Now my question is , how can i set the name and id variables also within the same FormBean as i cant create a new instance of FormBean inside a id or an name tags ??

And at last i am adding these FormBean to an arrayList .

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Have you considered using a library like

To do all the heavy lifting for you?

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