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I'm trying to wrap a custom php extension from a C library, now I have an Initializer function which initiate a specific custom connection and seems to be expensive one and i should not run it each time I call the function.

Let's suppose that I have the following in the ZEND wrapper,

    conn = conn_init();
    data = getdata(conn);
    return data;

conn_init() is an expensive call here, where should I put that function?

and can I ask users to call conn_init() from PHP and how?

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Looks like you should wrap conn as a resource.

Then a script using your extension could look like

$conn = YOUREXT_connect($cparams);
$data[1] = YOUREXT_getdata($conn, $params[1]);
$data[2] = YOUREXT_getdata($conn, $params[2]);
$data[3] = YOUREXT_getdata($conn, $params[3]);
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Or better yet, make it object oriented. – Tim Cooper Nov 17 '11 at 12:29
That's one of the solutions, but I'm stuck with passing the connection resource to the function in the ZEND wrapper. – alaamub Nov 17 '11 at 12:43

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