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I need some help with referencing static jsp pages from links. ex. <a href="?"...

If I called profile.jsp from a link it would result 404 and I don't want to call it explicitly ex. http://localhost:8080/profile.jsp, I want to call it from an action. But the action needs a class and I don't want to pass any parameter to the new page I just want to call it as http://localhost:8080/profile .

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I believe all you mean is to call one jsp from another jsp. If you are using struts2 or any mvc2 based framework request should pass through the controller/action.

struts2 has build in functionality to help you in this need not to create a action class all you have to do is to map this in you struts configuration file.

you have to do something this in your configuration file

<action name="profile">
  <result >profile.jsp</result>

If the class attribute in an action mapping is left blank, the com.opensymphony.xwork2.ActionSupport class is used as a default.

The ActionSupport class has an execute method that returns "success" and an input method that returns "input".

read this for details Action Configuration

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thank you very much – Ya Basha Nov 17 '11 at 15:33

Why don't you register your JSP page as a servlet and map it to an URL in the Deployment Descriptor file ? This can be used when working directly with JSP and servlets:

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