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I am develoing a Web Application, in that there is a utility method named getData() which I made it as a static. Until now its fine, but this static method named getData() needs some data from setters and getters. So now my question is can we make setter/getters as static?

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if your Properties are static then Getters and setters will also be static.. its all depends on You..

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Of course you can make getters and setters be static (with appropriate static fields).

But: As you are dealing with a web application (multiple parallel requests - multiple threads) you surely have a threading issue here - this is not thread-safe unless you take care of (e.g. use synchronized).

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Getters and setters can be static if they get/set static fields.

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yes you can and that class whatever that object/variable was defined they looks like

private static String abc = "";

and you can access this object using get/set method

public static String getString(){
    return abc;

public static void setString(String newAbc){
   abc = newAbc;

and you can use this like this way Test.getString(); or Test.setString("new string");

you can also define this get/set method as normal means without defined the static keyword but for that you need to create the instance of that class. The static was used for without creating an instance of the class you can access their member.

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Yes, getters/setters can be made static based on your need. Or maybe I didn't understand your question!

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You can't access instance fields from static methods. –  StKiller Nov 17 '11 at 11:48

Sure you can . Getter and setter are just normal methods . They can be static or not .

The only constraint is , do not use non-static filed and method in the static method. As static method and static filed belong to a class ,and non-static method and field belong to the object . they are two different levels I think.

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You can't make getter and setter methods static if you use any attributes or properties that aren't static. If you use IDEs like Eclipse and Netbeans, they'll warn you about that or might not even let you compile the code.

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