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I have the following URL: "http://localhost/mysite/blog/article/index/id/1"

module => blog
controller => article
action => index

and i want to structure my url like so: "http://localhost/mysite/blog/article/1" to set the default 'action' as 'index' and 'id' as '1'. Now how do i write such route in the config.ini file?

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resources.router.routes.article.route = "blog/article/:id"
resources.router.routes.article.defaults.module = "blog"
resources.router.routes.article.defaults.controller = "article"
resources.router.routes.article.defaults.action = "index"
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Phil, It worked perfect. That was a really quick response. Thanks very much. –  Markel Mairs Nov 17 '11 at 12:43

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