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I want to know the current day - and than do something special on this day

on monday = do this
on sunday = do that etc...

I know how to do the switch, but how can I ask to the current day?

if (...) { 
do something; 
else { 
switch (..) {

case 0:
currentPageNumber = 2;

case 1:
currentPageNumber = 3;


I think switch/case is the right way to do want I want. Thanks for helping me ;-)

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[NSDate date]

Gives you the current date in your timezone

NSDateComponents *components = [[NSCalendar currentCalendar] components:NSWeekdayCalendarUnit fromDate:[NSDate date]]

Gives you an NSDateComponents instance. You can get the weekday (value from 1-7/SU-SA) with

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YEPP - wunderful THANKS ALOT. That works fine ;-) –  webschnecke Nov 17 '11 at 13:17

use following code...

NSDateComponents *weekdayComponents = [[NSCalendar currentCalendar] components:NSWeekdayCalendarUnit fromDate:DateFrom];

This will give u an instance of NSDateComponents.you can get the weekday using..

int weekday1 = [weekdayComponents weekday];

After that use ur logic..as

if (weekday1 == 1 ) 
    //do something

Note 1 means sunday and so on..

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