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I have been supplied with a XSLT feed by link which belongs to a agency we do work for. The part I am stuck on is displaying the images and making them into links which go to the image in full view.

I have managed to display the image, but because I am cycling through the images, I am then unable to reuse that node as the link. Sorry if this does not make much sense. Here is the code:

 <xsl:for-each select="PHOTOS/IMAGEFILENAME">
 <xsl:element name="a">
 <xsl:attribute name="href">
 <xsl:value-of select="IMAGEFILENAME" />

 <xsl:attribute name="target">_blank</xsl:attribute>
 <xsl:attribute name="src"><xsl:value-of select="IMAGEFILENAME" />
 <xsl:attribute name="width">63px</xsl:attribute>
 <xsl:attribute name="cursor">pointer</xsl:attribute>
 <xsl:attribute name="border">0</xsl:attribute>
 <xsl:attribute name="id"></xsl:attribute>


And here is the data it is trying to access:

      <IMAGECAPTION>Reception area (Main)</IMAGECAPTION> 

So I need to establish how to use the <IMAGEFILENAME> as a link. Thanks

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I don't completely follow your requirements. It would help a lot if you posted an example html segment that contained the required markup relating to the IMAGEFILENAME node – Jon Egerton Nov 17 '11 at 12:16
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<xsl:for-each select="PHOTOS/IMAGEFILENAME">
  <a href="{.}" target="_blank">
    <img src="{.}" width="63" border="0"/>

do what you want?

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