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I am trying to add multiple videos on to a web page - i have the following code:

html setup

<a class="player" id="fms"> 
    <img src="img/player/btn/play.png" /> 

<a class="player" id="fms2"> 
    <img src="img/player/btn/play.png" /> 


Here is the script

$f("a.player", "swf/flowplayer-3.0.1.swf", { 
 clip: {  
    provider: 'rtmp',

        {url: 'campus30.flv'} ,],
        {url: 'mcdavid.flv', }],
        {url: 'campus33.flv'} ,],
        {url: 'mcdavid2.flv', }]
    // streaming plugins are configured under the plugins node  
    plugins: { 

        // here is our rtpm plugin configuration 
        rtmp: {  
            url: 'swf/flowplayer.rtmp-3.0.0.swf',  

            // netConnectionUrl defines where the streams are found 
            netConnectionUrl: 'rtmp://168.125.388.07/video'  

Can anyone help me to why this might not work???

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1 Answer 1

Did you read the documentation?

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yes - i'm trying to use rtmp – highchartsdude Nov 17 '11 at 13:44

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