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Requirement :

Develop a web-app for iPhone. Ultimate aim is to set-up a webserver. Temporarily to start with, I want to include the html files in the xcode project resources (localizing the html) itself and then load them using UIWebView.

To give a more native look, I have tried using jqtouch. Followed the steps mentioned in


The app builds and loads fine, but there is no effect of jqtouch, it looks like a normal html page.

However, when the link to the same index.html (file:///Users/abc/../index.html) file is opened using safari (in simulator), the effects of jqtouch come up and a more native feel is provided.

Question :

What does safari do, that I have to take care while loading using UIWebView to make jqtouch take effect ?

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Problem solved people !

Problem was in referring the java-scripts and the css themes in the html file. XCode seems to ignore all the hierarchies and bring all the files into same folder, the copy bundle resources. I think I will have to create references.

So, in conclusion, nothing extra is required, just load the html through loadRequest is sufficient.

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