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My code right now downloads an animated gif from a website, and since, as far as I know, webview and imageview doesn't support animated gifs and using BufferedInputStream and Movie.decodeStream along with a custom View to render it (this code runs in a seperate thread) I have tested the code on the android emulator (1.6, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3.3), Xperia X8 with 2.1, ViewSonic viewpad with 2.2 and Galaxy S with 2.3.3 and the activity only crashes on the Galaxy S (after like 1 minute). On the other devices it's working just fine. I've tried debugging the app on the Galaxy S and I get this message just before it crashes:

11-17 13:37:18.152: ERROR/(1161): Wink AGIF pDecInfo is Null or not avail

That's all I get when debugging :(

I've tried changing my code back and forth but I can't get it working. Anyone have any idea what's wrong?

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We also have some problems with Samsung devices. I was told that Samsung heavily modifies original Android source code so they seem to introduce many bugs.

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