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I just recently upped the version of Guava library from 9 to 10 and noticed quite an increase in the jar file size. 1.5MB just to have some lib to filter collections... (that's really what I ever use it for - but I might want to use more of what it has to offer)

Is there a distribution of Guava that offers just the basics and is not huge? I was looking for something in the range of 50-250 KB not 1.5MB. (or really anything smaller, like 500k would still be okay)

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The official position on this is:

We considered this very carefully when we started Guava, and we believe that a single JAR, with a recommendation of ProGuard to size-sensitive applications, is the way to go.

(taken from their issue tracker)

So, no, any version that splits the library into several smaller JARs will not be the official one, and you probably have to compile/prepare it yourself.

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d'oh! .................. –  Peter Perháč Nov 17 '11 at 14:16
This is the only way, because it's absolutely inevitable that any slice we tried to make of Guava for you would have only some of the stuff you want and tons of the stuff you don't. ProGuard has made it easy for you to slice it yourself. –  Kevin Bourrillion Nov 21 '11 at 4:29

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