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I need to implement drag and drop for cells in a CellTable. Following the example from the MobileWebApp I implemented a custom draggable cell:

public class DraggableCell extends AbstractCell<ProductProxy>{

interface Templates extends SafeHtmlTemplates {
    @SafeHtmlTemplates.Template("<div draggable=\"true\">{0}</div>")
    SafeHtml simpleTextTemplate(String text);

protected Templates templates = GWT.create(Templates.class);

public DraggableCell() {

public void render(Context context, ProductProxy value, SafeHtmlBuilder sb){

public void onBrowserEvent(Context context, Element parent, 
                           ProductProxy value, NativeEvent event, 
                           ValueUpdater<ProductProxy> valueUpdater) {
    final Integer cursorOffsetX = 0;
    final Integer cursorOffsetY = 0;

    if ("dragstart".equals(event.getType())) {
        // Save the ID of the entity
        DataTransfer dataTransfer = event.getDataTransfer();
        dataTransfer.setData("text", value.getId());

        SafeHtmlBuilder sb = new SafeHtmlBuilder();

        Element element = DOM.createDiv();

        // Set the helper image.
        dataTransfer.setDragImage(element, cursorOffsetX, cursorOffsetY);

I use a new element for the drag image (in the MobileWebApp they just use the parent element), but unfortunately no image is displayed during the drag. I thought that maybe the new element needs to be attached to the DOM first, so I created a helperPanel and attached the element to it:

// Set the helper image.
dataTransfer.setDragImage(element, cursorOffsetX, cursorOffsetY);

This works fine in Firefox 6, but no luck in Chrome (using the latest stable version), so maybe this isn't the right way to do it. Any ideas? Thanks!

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You can try the GWT Drag & Drop API. I have used it and its a good one even in mobile devices.

Try the Demo here,

Its quite simple to implement and don't have any issues so far for me

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Well I already have an working solution using the gwtquery dnd plugin ( I was trying to transition to a native GWT approach, in order to reduce my external dependencies. But unfortunately native support for drag&drop is poorly documented. – Ioan Agopian Mar 7 '12 at 13:36

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