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I want to pass in a method three parameters. The Classname (table), the field and the keyword.

Then I would like to take with Entity Framework with reflection the table and find the fields that have the keyword.

Something like

public List<object> FilterOptions(string keyword, string className, string field)
            var objectSet = (System.Data.Objects.ObjectSet<dynamic>)DataContext.GetType().GetProperty(className).GetValue(DataContext, null);
            var options = objectSet.Where(x => x.GetType().GetProperty(field).GetValue(x, null) == keyword).ToList();

However I get "An expression tree may not contain a dynamic operation"

When I change to I get an error again.

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I think this is where you want to end up. You are wanting field names for your entities?

there is a property on the ObjectContext class called MetadataWorkspace. You can drill down to an EntitySet which has a property call MetadataProperties. Something like this.

public List<object> FilterOptions(string keyword, string className, string field)
    return ObjectContext.MetadataWorkspace.GetEntityContainer(context.DefaultContainerName, DataSpace.CSpace).BaseEntitySets.Where(es => es.MetadataProperties.Any(mp => mp.Name == keywork));
    // This has not been tested but should get you on the right path.

see this link.

Hope this helps.

P.S. I also would recommend accepting more of your answers. You only have a 33% accept rate. Which means your question will eventually just get passed by. Remember if you found the answer somewhere else you can answer your own question. :0)

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