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Hey I'm using Slimbox2 in a Website but after opening up the lightbox effect the keyboard is useless.

What I mean is that the keyboard keys don't respond anymore. Like "F5" does not refresh the page and if I try and input text into some text fields I added dynamically, the text does not appear like normal.

Anyone else encountered this before?

It might also be jCrop that causes this issue.

Anyway that I can prevent this behaviour and restore the normal behaviour?

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This is a feature of Slimbox. By default, only the ESC, X and C keys are enabled when a lightbox is open, these keys then close an open lightbox.

On the link in your OP look for the closeKeys parameter at the bottom of the page for a description this behaviour. You can provide this parameter an array of keycodes to allow.

Personally, that's an awful feature as it's very limiting for the user when a lightbox is open - especially disabling the F-keys. I'd use a different lightbox if you can.

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Thanks for your reply. I agree that that "feature" is not very well thought out. Isn't there a way to disable that feature? Otherwise I'd use another one. I think he should really implement a on/off setting for that "feature". :( –  tone7 Nov 18 '11 at 6:29
There doesn't appear to be a way to disable the feature, other than supplying the closeKeys parameter with EVERY key-code, which is not a nice solution. It may be worth emailing the plugin creator with a request as that feature is very short-sighted. –  Rory McCrossan Nov 18 '11 at 9:00
Nah I went with another lightbox instead called nyroModal Thanks for your help though :) –  tone7 Nov 19 '11 at 15:03

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