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I am using SystemState.phonesignalStrength property to fetch signal strength in my Windows Mobile Application 6.5(C#) for HTC HD 8585,

Problem With this property is that it always gives 100 value as signalstrength even if there is no sim in phone or phone is in Airplane Mode. I my very confused what is happening.

Any Idea ,How Can i use it to fetch correct signal strength?

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You can P/Invoke the RIL API function RIL_GetSignalQuality.

Alternatively, you can P/Invoke the State and Notification Broker API and monitor the SN_PHONESIGNALSTRENGTH* registry key defined in snapi.h.

I don't believe Microsoft provides access to either of these things through the Compact Framework, but there may be 3rd party libraries that do the P/Invoking for you. OpenNetCF is a good place to start.

Both of these things are, however, OEM support dependent. (Microsoft provides the interface, the OEM must implement it.)

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