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Are the any task tracking systems with command-line interface?

Here is a list of features I'm interested in:

  • Simple task template
    Something like plain-text file with property:type pairs, for example:
some-property:integer required
  • command line interface
    for example:
// Creates task
<task tracker>.exe -create {description: "Foo", some-property: 1}   
// Search for tasks with description field starting from F
<task tracker>.exe -find { description: "F*" }
  • XCopy deployment
    It should not require to install heavy DBMS

  • Multiple users support
    So it's not just a to-do list for a single person

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Ditz is a simple, light-weight distributed issue tracker designed to work with distributed version control systems like darcs and git.

Ditz: https://gitorious.org/ditz

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almost what I want. but datamodel is not extensible – aku Oct 23 '08 at 2:42

Interesting idea; the closest thing I have heard of is todo.txt.

Alternatively, you could roll your own by just using a database (e.g. sqllite) and SQL. Optionally, write a wrapper script that parses your plain-text file and command-line options, and generates the corresponding SQL.

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Looks interesting, thanks! – aku Sep 17 '08 at 10:29
My understanding is that you can't use todo.txt on different projects. Seems like it requires you to store the location (TODO_DIR="path/to/todofile") of your single todo.txt in a centralized todo.cfg file. Or? – Henrik Sep 21 '10 at 23:11

Have you seen ticgit. It sounds like it might do just what you guys are after.

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Interesting thing, I'll take a closer look – aku Sep 17 '08 at 23:35
Here is a link to the current (summer2014) active fork: github.com/jeffWelling/ticgit – AdrieanKhisbe Jul 9 '14 at 13:22


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Thanks, I'll take a look at it – aku Sep 17 '08 at 10:32

I've abused the cal and calendar commandline tools regularly for this type of task.

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ciss issue tracker is a simple commandline tool for managing your ISSUES.txt file.

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Erlangs Ticket System

Created by Peter Högfeldt in 1986. This is the ticket system that was used in the Erlang distribution.

Source: Joe Armstrong's blog

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Fogbugz has a Command Line Client.

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Nope, fogbugz is to heavy, I'm looking for something like svn – aku Sep 17 '08 at 10:31
That's been deprecated. Came here looking for something like this, turns out the replacement is exactly what I was looking for. – Droogans Feb 8 '13 at 15:29

@Peter Hilton,

I'm going to create such system. So I'm wondering whether such system exists. General idea is to keep it as simple as possible: command line utility to manage tasks & simple server wit REST interface. I used dozen different task tracking system and come to conclusion that I don't need fancy UI. It should be like Subversion - you can happily work with command-line based svn.exe

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Have a look at Pitz and Bugs Everywhere.

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I use org-mode with emacs in terminal mode (emacs -nw).

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This link has gone awry. Should be orgmode.org – Henrik Sep 21 '10 at 21:53

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