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I would like to pass 51 plus parameter to an oracle stored procedure, i would like to pass them as a collection/array or custom object. I know its possible using assiative arrays using ODP driver but I am using OracleClient. How will I be able to achieve this, would not like to pass 50 plus fields as individual parameters.

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AFAIK, The .NET OracleClient does not support that. Probably one of the reasons it has been deprecated. – vcsjones Nov 17 '11 at 15:42

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Pass a record as a string with values separated by a pipe (|) or any character of your choice. On database end split the passed string values.

Not the optimal solution but it works.

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Please do not do this... You or your company spent all of that money on Oracle database for a reason. Try generating the code using Oracle metadata tables... i.e. USER_ARGUMENTS, USER_TABLES, etc. – Jeffrey Kevin Pry Jan 30 at 22:26

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