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I am trying to use a COM component on Windows in Ruby which expects numbers in single precision.

In C# I am able to cast a number from double to single precision like this.

float mynumber =  (float)2.0

How can I create a single precision floating point number in Ruby?

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How do you pass a number to your COM component? In Ruby all floats are stored in double precision. –  Semyon Perepelitsa Nov 17 '11 at 16:23

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Ruby only has one float class and it is double precision. I haven't worked with COM in ruby, but I would expect the interface to automatically convert a ruby float to the type that it needs. Have you tried just passing a normal ruby float to it? What happens? Can you post some example code demonstrating the problem?


You can use the pack method to convert a ruby float to a binary string that has a single precision float inside:



[2.0].pack "f"
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Ruby itself does not support single precision floats.

You can use the gem float-formats for doing calculations/conversion in different float formats.

But for handing an object created by this gem to a COM object you will have to convert it to the expected memory representation somehow.

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