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If I create a MessageDriven bean - is it available to other components in my app via JNDI? If so, how can I find/specify the name to look it up by? I'm deploying to glassfish if that makes any difference?

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Assigning a JNDI name for an MDB is not required by Java EE specification (chapter 21.2.3 of EJB 3.0):

At the minimum, the EJB container must provide a JNDI API name space to the enterprise bean instances. The EJB container must make the name space available to an instance when the instance invokes the javax.naming.InitialContext default (no-arg) constructor.

  • The business interfaces of other enterprise beans
  • [...]

MDBs don't qualify, as they don't have a business interface. Besides, since wiring up an MDB in another EJB/MDB would have little sense (what's your use case, BTW?), is probably skipped in Glassfish.

I've seen that WebLogic, for example allows that in its proprietary deployment descriptor, but I've never used it.

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