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Ok .. I am using the Dialog JS API to send requests to people. I know this is working because

  1. The JavaScript callback shows the request ID
  2. On the recipient's account, the "App Requests" item on the left side bar has a count which is increasing with each and every request that gets sent

What I cannot figure out is why, although the requests are being sent and the counts are increasing, there is nothing that indicates that a request has in fact been sent.

I have checked the Notifications section and it is empty. I have also checked the following two URLs, both showing nothing:

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After hours of debugging and looking at other peoples apps, I started digging into Facebook's bug tracker and found someone else with the same problem today Apparently there are a number of "request" bugs today.

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Do you have a valid canvas url and valid secure canvas url in your facebook app settings? May be something to check as I believe it is required.

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