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I have a document that looks like:

    "personName": "Some name",
    "metaDetails": {
        "visits": 1,
        "otherMeta": 32

Using Mongoose for Node.js. I'd like to update (or insert) the visits count. Here's what I have so far. I've read about the $ positional operator but I might be way off:

updObj = {}
newKeyString = "metaDetails.$.visits"
updObj[newKeyString] = 1

Person.update {personName: "Some name}, {$inc: updObj}, {upsert: true}, (err, updRes) ->

This doesn't appear to actually update or insert any documents however. Any help?

EDIT: Added the model

mongoose = require 'mongoose'

PersonSchema = new mongoose.Schema
    type: String, index: true, unique: true
  metaDetails: []

This is my model. metaDetails is intentionally not defined beyond just an array because the data within can be highly variable

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That looks right to me. I will check it on my end and see what is up. – Clint Nov 17 '11 at 16:59
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Why do you put the $ operator inside another object. In javascript it ll become a associative array, but $inc accepts the string equivalent of it.

Try this function

Person.update {personName: "Some name"}, {$inc:  "metaDetails.$.visits" : 1 }, {upsert: true}, (err, updRes) ->
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This doesn't work simply because I don't have visits specified. see my edit above – Shamoon Nov 17 '11 at 17:16
@Shamoon, we only can answer based on what you mentioned in your question.. how can i know that you made a mistake somewhere else.. just wanted to know after adding the visits, your initial query works fine? – RameshVel Nov 17 '11 at 17:21
My mistake. I can't add the visits. That's the problem, since my metaDetails are super variable and can be... anything – Shamoon Nov 17 '11 at 17:22

I'm not familiar with the Mongoose syntax as I generally use the native driver directly, but your JS update should look like:

db.Person.update({"personName": "Some name", "metaDetails.visits": {$exists: true}}, {"$inc": {"metaDetails.$.visits": 1}})

This might be analogous, I'm not sure (feels like there are missing brackets):

Person.update {personName: "Some name", $exists: "metaDetails.visits": true}, {$inc: "metaDetails.$.visits" : 1 }

Setting upsert to true will create a duplicate personName record if there is no metaDetails object with a visits key. Succinctly, the $ operator in the update requires that the field be part of the predicate.

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