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I often change the font size of my editor. So does anyone know a shortcut key for that? Until now I have to use the menu with several clicks: Preferences -> Color and Fonts -> Basic -> Text Font. Would be nice of one can use CTRL + MouseWheel...

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I am sure at some point of time you would have wanted to increase/decrease the font using CTRL + + or mouse scroll. Found one solution, CTRL and +/- keys for increasing and decreasing font.


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You can get close by binding your-favorite-function-key to the command. Here's how:

  • Windows > Preferences > General > Keys
  • Locate the command related to setting the font >> Preferences (General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts)
  • Click inside the Binding text field
  • Specify the key-binding you wish to use by pressing the appropriate keys
  • Accept by pressing OK
  • Profit!
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I'm using Aptana with an English keyboard and casually came into these keys combinations - [CTRL] + [-] then 1 --> smaller font - [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [=] --> bigger font

NOTE: [-] key is on the main keyboard, not the numeric pad [SHIFT] + [=] gives + in the English keyboard

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