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I've downloaded scalaz snapshot from repository (version 6.0.4).
I want to create standalone jar file and put it into my scala lib directory to use scalaz without sbt.

I'have scala package from scala-lang.org, and stored in /opt/scala
As far I did:

  • go to untared scalaz directory
  • run sbt from scalaz project
  • compile scalaz project
  • make a package (by package command)
  • sbt make a jar full/target/scala-2.9.1/scalaz-full_2.9.1-6.0.4-SNAPSHOT.jar
  • it also produce other jar: full/lib/sxr_2.9.0-0.2.7.jar
  • I moved both jars to /opt/scala/lib

After this I try scala repl and I can't import scalaz. I tried to import scalaz._, Scalaz._, org.scalaz._, scalaz-core._ and don't work. REPL code completition after typing import scalaz it suggest: scalaz_2.9.1-6.0.4-SNAPSHOT.
But import scalaz_2.9.1-6.0.4-SNAPSHOT._ don't work

Any idea?

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you can download scalaz and extract the jar that contains scalaz-core_2.9.1-6.0.3.jar. Or download scalaz-core directly.

then you can use : scala -cp scalaz-core_2.9.1-6.0.3.jar to launch the REPL finally import scalaz._ as expected.

If you want to use the jar produced by sbt, you can find it in core/target/scala-2.9.1/scalaz-core_2.9.1-6.0.4-SNAPSHOT.jar (you will also find source and javadoc packages in the same directory). Just put this file in your classpath (using scala -cp for example) and you will be able to import scalaz._

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Not exactly - I want to make it from sbt. – Robert Zaremba Nov 18 '11 at 12:54
@RobertZaremba I've modified my answer. I hope this will help. – David Nov 18 '11 at 14:56

I think I know the problem.

scalaz-full_2.9.1-6.0.4-SNAPSHOT.jar is not a java jar class package, it's just a zip with scalaz project - so it contains not package - like directory tree (eg: directory names contains '.').

So to use it we need to unpack scalaz-full_2.9.1-6.0.4-SNAPSHOT.jar, and copy desired jars (eg: scalaz-core_2.9.1-6.0.4-SNAPSHOT.jar, scalaz-http_2.9.1-6.0.4-SNAPSHOT.jar ...) to lib directory.

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