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I have the following legacy file (can't edit):

class Test {
    public $abc=1;

I need to extend this class from a name-spaced file:

use mynamespace;
class MyClass extends Test {

However my auto-load function attempts to include mynamespace\Test. How to specify that un-namespaced version of Test should be used?

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Also see this answer to a related question. – David Harkness Nov 17 '11 at 18:09
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Prefix the class name with a \:

class MyClass extends \Test {

From the manual on namespaces: "Note that to access any global class, function or constant, a fully qualified name can be used, such as \strlen() or \Exception or \INI_ALL."

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It works! I'm pretty sure I have tried that before but something was wrong. Maybe I made mistake somewhere else. – romaninsh Nov 17 '11 at 18:04

Try this:

class MyClass extends \Test {
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