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I am using Joda time api in a Spring 3.0 project for to calculate dates. Now I have a start and end date and I want to get everyday exept weekend or Saturday or Sunday between these two dates. How can I achieve this ?

I looked at this post Joda time - all mondays between two dates. It offered some guidance but still vague as how to exclude two dates.

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Calculate number of days or get all dates? –  lschin Nov 18 '11 at 2:39

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I assume your question is how to

get every day except weekend or Saturday or Sunday between two dates.

Solution :

public static void main(String[] args) {
    final LocalDate start = LocalDate.now();
    final LocalDate end = new LocalDate(2012, 1, 14);

    LocalDate weekday = start;

    if (start.getDayOfWeek() == DateTimeConstants.SATURDAY ||
            start.getDayOfWeek() == DateTimeConstants.SUNDAY) {
        weekday = weekday.plusWeeks(1).withDayOfWeek(DateTimeConstants.MONDAY);

    while (weekday.isBefore(end)) {

        if (weekday.getDayOfWeek() == DateTimeConstants.FRIDAY)
            weekday = weekday.plusDays(3);
            weekday = weekday.plusDays(1);
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I was actually doing something along these lines, but was thinking about testing if the current day was a Sat / Sun and then exclude... This logic works perfectly... Thanks allot. –  pundit Nov 18 '11 at 17:04
+1 had a similar issue, thanks for the info. –  coding_idiot Sep 10 '12 at 15:22

You can use the gregorian calendar to retrieve the day for a particular date. If the string is Saturday or Sunday you can neglect it.

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I'm new here. I've been looking for a solution to this problem and that did not use loop but have not found a suitable algorithm. So I decided to create this solution does not use loop, very efficient and the code has been tested.

public int betweenDaysIgnoreWeekends(DateTime startDate, DateTime endDate) {
    //Um numero que representa o dia da semana para a data final, exemplo segunda=1, terça=2, quarta=3...
    int dayOfWeekEndDateNumber = Integer.valueOf(endDate.dayOfWeek()
    //Um numero que representa o dia da semana para a data inicial, exemplo segunda=1, terça=2, quarta=3...
    int dayOfWeekStartDateNumber = Integer.valueOf(startDate.dayOfWeek()
    //Se a data final for sabado ou domingo, finja ser sexta-feira
    if (dayOfWeekEndDateNumber == 6 || dayOfWeekEndDateNumber == 7) {
        int DaysToAdd = 8 - dayOfWeekEndDateNumber;
        endDate = endDate.plusDays(DaysToAdd);
        dayOfWeekEndDateNumber = Integer.valueOf(endDate.dayOfWeek()

    //Se a data inicial for sabado ou domingo, finja ser segunda-feira
    if (dayOfWeekStartDateNumber == 6 || dayOfWeekStartDateNumber == 7) {
        int DaysToAdd = 8 - dayOfWeekStartDateNumber;
        startDate = startDate.plusDays(DaysToAdd);
        dayOfWeekStartDateNumber = Integer.valueOf(startDate.dayOfWeek()

    //Quantos dias se passaram contando os fins de semana
    int days = Days.daysBetween(startDate, endDate).getDays();
    //Quantas semanas se passaram exatamente
    int weeks = days / 7;
    //O excesso de dias que sobrou, exemplo: 1 semana e 3 dias o excess=3 e weeks=1
    int excess = days % 7;

    //Se a data inicial for igual a data final, passou 0 dia
    if (startDate.equals(endDate)) {
        return 0;
    } else {
        //O excesso de dias passou pelo fim de semana, então deve-se retirar 2 dias
        //da quantidade final de dias
        if (excess + dayOfWeekStartDateNumber >= 6) {
            //Quantidade de semanas * 5 dias uteis + o excesso de dias - o final de semana que o excesso atravessou
            return weeks * 5 + excess - 2;
        //Quantidade de semanas * 5 dias uteis + o excesso de dias
        return weeks * 5 + excess;
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