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The scenario is I would like to write a hidden field with a guid value generated by the server.

Why does

<input type="hidden" id="sampleGuid" value="@{Guid.NewGuid().ToString()};" />

yield 'value=""' while

     string token = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();
    <input type="hidden" id="sampleGuid" value="@token" />

properly fill in 'value' with a guid?

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You need parentheses instead of braces.

@{ ... } will execute ordinary statements, but won't print anything.

@(...) will print the value of an expression. (and will HTML-encode it)

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You've wrapped Guid.NewGuid().ToString() in curly braces.

That just means you want to execute the code, not ouput it.

If you're trying to output a value, wrap the code in parenthesis.

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