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I have DataGrid with dataBinding:

    <sdk:DataGrid x:Name="colorGrid" Height="160" Margin="0,5,0,10" RowHeight="40" AutoGenerateColumns="False" >
            Binding="{Binding ColorId}" 
            FontSize="20" />
            Binding="{Binding Color}" 
            FontSize="20" />

I set ItemSource:

colorGrid.ItemsSource = Colors;

After that I change element of my Colors. What should I do for update data in DataGrid?

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You shouldn't need to do anything, provided your bound types (Colors) implement INotifyPropertyChanged, and the collection implements INotifyCollectionChanged. This will cause your DataGrid to automatically update as elements update.

(The INPC interface will allow changing a property within one color element to be reflected in the DataGrid. The INCC interface will allow adding a new Color or removing a Color to be reflected properly.)

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