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Is it possible to use the postMessage() method in Javascript to do cross-domain POST, GET, PUT, etc. calls? If so, how? And how do I pass headers and data?

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This is a two way implementation, meaning that the page you want to call needs to have a callback that listens to such a message and give an appropriate response. You can't simply use it as a swap replacement for AJAX. The best method for that is to use a server-side proxy.

See this page for an explanation of how postMessage works.

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Yes, it is possible.

There is a nice demo of what exactly you want, here


handled on the second side with

window.onmessage = function(e){
  if ( e.origin !== "http://html5demos.com" ) {

  document.getElementById("test").innerHTML = e.origin + " said: " + e.data;
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