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The documentation for our system (we are a data vendor) is severely lacking. Over the past few weeks, some devs and myself have started an effort to document everything properly. We've started with data flows, and will eventually move to core logic within each component.

Part of my problem is the major difference in documentation styles. I've found that I've had to refactor and edit everything that is produced to make it consistent. I do not have the time for this.

I'm looking for a collaborative tool that can assist us with our documentation process. I would like to be able to do some higher level diagrams, and then have my colleagues fill in the missing parts - describing interfaces, protocols, internal structures, etc - refining everything further and further down. I don't want to have to rely on mailing documents around, and trying to keep track of their versions.

Currently, we have an internal wiki (dokuwiki) and have been using MS Visio and Word, as well as an almost-ready Sharepoint installation. We have a few Visual Studio licenses, which a few of us are using. I have been evaluating Altova's UModel.

It's not possible to automatically reverse-engineer anything, and I'm not necessarily looking for anything that can do codegen. Everything runs on Linux, and written in C, C++, Tcl/Tk, Java, Prolog, Perl, and a few others. Our system resembles SOA.

Can you suggest something that'll help us (and me).

Thanks in advance!

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What are you looking for? if you want a modeling tools there are many out there that can help you, some of them even open source. UML allows to do what you want - describe a higher level diagram and then decompose it later (there is such a thing as component diagrams in UML).

You can even create high level sequence diagrams and use references where the other developers can do the more detailed diagramming.

I am developing something called OPP, that works with a model created by my PhD advisor, which is called OPM. It is a hierarchical modeling methodology which is simple to understand and also very powerful. take a look here: opcat. They are the sellers of the OPCAT tool that implements the OPM methodology. I hope to have an open source version in the close future but can't promise anything. Maybe they can provide you with a temporary license or something like that to test the tool.

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