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CreateDatabaseScript() method of ObjectContext, generate string containing script to create the desired database, but it ignores some entities with its related FKs

When I look into the script, I found something like this

-- Ignoring entity set with defining query: [FMISDomainModelEFStoreContainer].[Ex_Students]

-- Ignoring association set with participating entity set with defining query: [FK_Ex_Students_City]

Is there a problem in my model? although it is validated correctly.

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Oh, Sorry I found it, in XML of the entity model this error

Errors Found During Generation:
      warning 6002: The table/view 'FMIS.dbo.MyTableName' does not have a primary key defined. The key has been inferred and the definition was created as a read-only table/view.

I think that's why it is not generated in StorageModel of my model

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:) But how to solve that? this is weird, in ConceptualModel there is a PK for these tables, and also in the StorageModel also. – Mustafa Magdy Nov 17 '11 at 22:11

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