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How can I refresh an element outside the form through ajax render .

<ui:repeat var="o">
        <h:panelGroup id="someid">

            <h:commandButton action="#{o.doSomething}">
                <f:ajax event="action" render="someid :rehreshthistoo" />

 <h:panelGroup id="rehreshthistoo">
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Your code looks fine. Although it would only work if the <h:panelGroup id="rehreshthistoo"> is not already by itself in another UINamingContainer component and also if you haven't changed the default JSF naming container separator of : to something else such as _ or -.

The ultimate answer should be found in the JSF-generated HTML source. Open the page in the browser, rightclick and View Source, locate the generated <span> element of <h:panelGroup id="rehreshthistoo"> in there and then use exactly its ID in your <f:ajax render> with the naming container separator as prefix. If it contains an auto-generated ID of some UINamingContainer parent, then you should give that parent component a fixed ID as well.

See also:

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Hey @BalusC, is this also working in JSF 1.2? –  Joerg Oct 17 '12 at 11:15

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