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I'm using TortoiseGit on Windows XP. I've commited all my changes and now I'm trying to push them to a branch of the remote repository. The remote repository branch is named "remotes/origin/iteration1". However, when I try and push by right clicking within the root directory, selecting "TortoiseGit", then "Push". I enter these values on the following screen:

    Local: remotes/origin/iteration1
    Remote: iteration1
    Remote: iteration1

Here is the error I get when I do this. How do I push my changes?

git.exe push --progress  "origin" remotes/origin/iteration1:iteration1

error: src refspec remotes/origin/iteration1 matches more than one.
error: failed to push some refs to 'ssh://git@mycogit/zzz_pplus.git'
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I'm not familiar with tortoisegit but remotes/origin/iteration1 as the source is certainly wrong since it's a remote branch. If your local branch is named iteration1, enter this in that field.

The actual git comment you want to execute is git push origin iteration1:iteration1

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