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I have a hierarchical XML file received from client, i need to store it in Hbase database, as i am new to the Hbase i not able to understand how to approach, can you please guide me how should i proceed for this hierarchical data storage to Hbase.

Thanks in advance

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Hbase stores data in Column wise format. Each record must have a unique key. The sub columns can be created on the fly but not the main columns.

For example condider this xml.

   <X2 name = "uniqueid">1</X2>

In this case, the main column family would be X3 and X7. Row Id can be taken from X2. You can construct a Hbase entry equivalent to this using java api like,

Put p = new Put("/*put the unique row id */ ".getBytes() );

p.add("X3".getBytes(), "X4".getBytes(), value1.getBytes());

where the first argument is the column family and the second one is called the column qualifier(sub column).

You can also use 2 argument constructor like,


then table.put(p). Thats it!!!

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Thank you so much.. i will try and give you the feedbak :) –  Infinity Nov 21 '11 at 19:38

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