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I'm using the following code to display a PDF document in IE:

<a class="menu" href="file://MyServer/MyFolder/MyFile.pdf">Click Me!</a>

This displays the PDF in the current tab... how can I make this open in either a new tab or, preferably, a new window?

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This is how you display in a new window:

  <a class="menu" href="file://MyServer/MyFolder/MyFile.pdf" target="_blank">Click Me!</a>

The target property can open any link (not just html or pdf) in other or the same window. Read about it here.

     _blank  Renders the content in a new window without frames.
     _parent Renders the content in the immediate frameset parent.
     _search Renders the content in the search pane.
     _self   Renders the content in the frame with focus.
     _top    Renders the content in the full window without frames.
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Add the "target" attribute to your A tag. For example:

<a class="menu" target="_blank" href="file://MyServer/MyFolder/MyFile.pdf">Click Me!</a>
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