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Is there a way to catch all queries and modify them before being sent to the db outside of modifying DB_active_record.php? This would be ideal, though I'm not averse to modifying this file if it's the only option.

I could just call this stuff from the models, but would feel better if this was something that was done in the background so as not to leave room for forgetting when and where it's happening; it'd be best to have id done in the background.

I'm using a library to encrypt query data. In the lib, I'm checking for certain keys to not encrypt, so it's not just a matter of encrypting all data, but some data in each query.

For example, modifying insert() like so:

function insert($table = '', $set = NULL)
    if ( ! is_null($set))
        $this->CI =& get_instance();
        $set = $this->CI->my_encrypt->encrypt_query($set);

works correctly to encrypt the data before sending to the db. However, this does nothing for updates/sets nor decryption.

Is there a way to set up an intermediary something or other that acts as a go-between between models and active record where I could encrypt and decrypt the relevant data before sending it on to AR or back to the model?



So following the guide below, I was able to get this working. I'm using pyroCMS (ver. 1.3.2 community; CI version 2.0.2) which had already done some of the legwork.

Heres what I did.

system/cms/core/MY_Loader.php extends MX_loader which extends CI_Loader; so MX_Loader is what we need to modify.


change public function database() to:

public function database($params = '', $return = FALSE, $active_record = NULL) {
    log_message('debug', 'db loader from MX/Loader');

    // Grab the super object
    $CI =& get_instance();

    // Do we even need to load the database class?
    if (class_exists('CI_DB') AND $return == FALSE AND $active_record == NULL AND isset($CI->db) AND is_object($CI->db)) {
        return FALSE;


    // Load the DB class
    $db =& DB($params, $active_record);

    //get the driver name, set its path and load er up
    $my_driver = config_item('subclass_prefix').'DB_'.$db->dbdriver.'_driver';
    $my_driver_file = APPPATH.'core/'.$my_driver.EXT;

    if (file_exists($my_driver_file)) {
        $db = new $my_driver(get_object_vars($db));

    if ($return === TRUE) {
        return $db;

    CI::$APP->db = DB($params, $active_record);
    return CI::$APP->db;

The important difference here from the article linked in the accepted answer is the setting of the db vars as pyro does it differently from regular CI.

Then in system/cms/core add the customized driver file MY_DB_mysql_driver.php. This will then be loaded and these methods will be available in all models. Also, methods in here using the same name as in DB_active_rec.php will take precedence. e.g. adding an insert method in MY_DB_mysql_driver.php will override the insert method in DB_active_rec.php.

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contrary to my note below you are correct in what you've said here in the update regarding how overrides work, I think you may just be confused (if at all) about the why more than the what. – Louis Nov 21 '11 at 21:49
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By default you cannot extend the active record class. You can however, extend the active record class after extending the loader class database call to allow it:

Instructions & code here: http://www.simonemms.com/code/extending-the-codeigniter-database-class/

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So I'm not clear... does this allow me to usurp every query run through active record? Because it doesn't look like it. It looks like it is essentially creating a pseudo-helper to share methods across all models. Am I missing something? – stormdrain Nov 18 '11 at 0:41
It allows you to extend the active record class, if you can do that you can do what ever you want to the underlying queries before they are sent to the server. – Louis Nov 18 '11 at 0:57
In other words you can override the _compile_select (for the where parts), _insert (for inserts), _update (for updates) etc etc these are base functions you need to update each of them as from there they call query() Unless you want to parse everything back out of the sql to do your encryption in query() (you don't) you may as well update each function where its pre compiled sql. – Louis Nov 18 '11 at 1:06
eggggggcelent. I'm actually using pyroCMS which has already extended the Loader class so it was just a matter of modifying that. Thanks! – stormdrain Nov 18 '11 at 15:35
hmm not quite, its more of a least common denominator type deal, if you initialise an instance of DB_active_record it will use the insert from that class object regardless of what has been loaded, if you initialise a DB_mysql_driver (which extends DB_active_record) it will use the insert from the driver (if available, otherwise it will use the parent object's). You have to load (read: include|require) DB_active_record first as DB_mysql_driver extends the former. – Louis Nov 21 '11 at 21:46

You can't extend the active record class without modifying the core (which really sucks). So, you have a couple of options:

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