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I'm newer at vtk, so I hope that I'll find help here :)

I have two datasets of vtkPolyData* type:

Data_source and Data_target.

I calculated the correspondences between Data_source and Data_target and I have points (x_source,y_source,z_source) which match (x_target,y_target,z_target). Now my question is:

1-How to draw lines ,between to datasets, that rely (x_source,y_source,z_source) to (x_target,y_target,z_target)?

2-How to display them on a vtk window?



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You'll have to put all the points into one vtkPoints object, either

target_1, target_2, ..., target_N, source_1, source_2, source_N


target_1, source_1, target_2, source_2, target_N, source_N

(your choice).

You then have to create the lines between the corresponding points with:


according to the format you chose to store the points. A full example of making and displaying lines here:


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