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I am trying to use the TOKENIZE function in PIG with a document that is comma separated. I would like to split on the commas, but NOT on white space. For example I would like for a list of (car, toy car, bunny) to be ((car), (toy car), (bunny) not ((car), (toy), (car), (bunny)). Is there a way to this?

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Have you had a look to STRSPLIT for splitting just on the comma?

(it works for CHARARRAY like TOKENIZE)

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thank you! I actually just came across that! – YuliaPro Nov 18 '11 at 19:29

Alternative way,

You can try with Flatten operator as well


Input -> (a,(b,c))

B = foreach A generate $0 , flatten ($1)

Output -> (a,b,c)

Use of Flatten and tokenize together

You can read the word count problem Here

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