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I'm almost positive this has been answered already; however, unable to find it since XY coordinates are overloaded due to their relative definition.

What I am trying to find/figure out is how to take latitude/longitude coordinates (e.g. 12.121212, -12.323232) and convert such so they can be mapped onto a 2-dimensional plane such as a point on an image map.

Has anyone solved this issue and know of a script or another SO question that they can point me to?

Ideally I'm seeking a solution in either JavaScript or .Net; however, can convert algorithms just the same.

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First you need to pick a map projection: – Ergwun Nov 17 '11 at 23:43

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I believe you are looking for something like the Mercator projection.

Somewhat related, but going the opposite direction:

Also filled with information:

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This operation is called "projection." You need to know the identity of the coordinate system you want to project into. There is a lot of arcane lore here.

See this.

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