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I'm using spring 3. I would use the beans configuration I have in my webapp (WEB-INF/app-context ..etc) in my integration tests.

is that possible? What do I need to add to my test context (IntegrationText-context.xml) (if that's the right place) to do it?

I've tried @ContextConfiguration(locations={"classpath:WEB-INF/app-context/*.xml") in code but I get FileNotFound..

Essentially I'm trying to reuse the config of the webapp in an integration test.

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Just place your appcontext in your regular classpath.

Add a new context to your WEB-INF that imports your appcontext from your classpath. So your context in the WEB-INF only wraps your standard context. The wrapper can be initiated through the web.xml and your unit test has access to the standard file.


<import resource="classpath:PATH_TO_YOUR_REAL_CONTEXT.xml"/>

in your wrapper context for loading the real context.

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