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I am trying to view a sample app on a real device (a ViewSonic G-tablet), but the device won't display in the "Choose a running Android device" area. The virtual devices show, but no real devices show (there is only one plugged in, the G-tablet). Some other information...

  • I am using a Mac with Eclipse SDK 3.7.1 w/Android
  • App is noted as debuggable in manifest file (android:debuggable="true")
  • G-Tablet is set to allow debugging
  • Device selection is set to manual in SDK
  • I CAN view files on G-Tablet using Finder
  • I have reviewed Android developer docs
  • I have searched a lot online for a fix, without success

Please also note...

  • There is NO option on G-tablet to allow "unknown sources". However, I have downloaded apps outside the customary channels (e.g. Firefox from the Firefox site) and it works fine.
  • I do NOT want to do anything to the G-tablet to void the warranty.
  • I have already checked for/installed updates using the Android SDK Manager.
  • The fixes I was able to find on StackOverflow related to this problem did not work for me. I am thinking the problem may be device specific. One fix discussed getting a driver for the device, but I couldn't find one.

Can anyone please help me figure out how to get the SDK to recognize my device? I'd appreciate any insight on this.

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Can you export the app as an .apk and run that on your G-tablet?

also is the android:minSdkVersion set to a value lower than your G-tablet's version?

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Thanks for your response. To answer your first question, I haven't tried exporting as an .apk yet as I was just hoping to test on the device the first time. For your second question, the target is android-7, and the g-tablet is froyo (api level 8), so I should be okay on that. Do you have any idea why it won't recognize my device? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. – Dev1345 Nov 18 '11 at 1:10
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Found the answer after trying a zillion things. All that needed to be done to fix the problem was turn to OFF 'USB debugging' and then turn it right back on. I found the idea on this page... . Hope that might save someone else hours of time.

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