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While googling for fix I came upon this site, and I though you might forgive this being out of topic, but there seems to a be a lot of R experts here.

I try to multiply 111111111*111111111 - same as 111111111**2 - and get incorrect results. It should give 12345678987654321 but it gives a rounding error. Do I need to use some variable type for long numbers or is this a bug with R?

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The 'gmp' package will allow you to do operations on values that large though.

> library(gmp)
> j <- 111111111
> k <- as.bigz(j)
> mul.bigz(k, k)
[1] "12345678987654321"
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It's not a limitation of R specifically, it's a limitation of double precision floating-point arithmetic. A standard double-precision floating-point number has around 16 decimal digits of accuracy. The answer to your sum requires 17. R does not have a variable type with greater precision, but neither do many other languages.

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Also, new package int64 from Romain Francois.

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