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I have an app in which i want to implement a feature where user enters the url of some image file (on remote server e.g. http://www.xyz.com/myimage.jpg) and the file is uploaded to my app server. I can do this through PHP. but i also want to show the progress of the file being uploaded. Is there a JQuery plugin that can do this?

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As @SLaks says, you cannot have the client upload a remote file. However, if you restate your goal as "I want my server to acquire a remote file," you can do that by following these steps:

  1. Client sends server the URL to the file.
  2. Server downloads the remote file from that URL.
  3. While the download is taking place, the client polls the server, asking the percent completion of the download.
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thanks. this seems a good approach. –  Hawkseye Nov 18 '11 at 5:14

This is not possible.
The client cannot read the remote file.

Instead, you could make a Comet page that read the file in PHP and reports progress to the client as it runs.

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It is simply impossible to do this. You need to perform the download in a server-side script since JavaScript cannot copy some remote file to your server.

To show a progress bar you need a way such as WebSockets and a server-side language allowing you to handle the download asynchronously (node.js might do the job) to notify the client about the download progress.

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