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So I am working on a simple email importer script, as from what posts on this site have said, the ones that are for sale are either dodgy, or not worth the money spent, and as I know PHP, JS I thought this cant be hard, after all I have worked with Twitter API, and Facebook API.

However I seem to ran into a little bump in the road.

You see I am using Yahoo's very own script Yahoo.inc - http://developer.yahoo.com/social/sdk/php/

And all is going well, as possible. However when I try to get the contacts I seem not to be able to. Now I have in the API settings for my app, ask for read request for contacts so I know it not that issue.

Here is my code I am using

$contacts = $user->getContacts();

However it seems not work work :(

it's like I am missing something but not sure what.

Could some one please help on the correct way to get emails from the getContacts function Yahoo offers.

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Any luck with this? It's driving me insane stackoverflow.com/questions/30919089/… –  Silver89 Jun 18 at 16:07

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instead of the getContacts(), you can use a yql query for that:

$session = YahooSession::requireSession(OAUTH_CONSUMER_KEY, OAUTH_CONSUMER_SECRET, OAUTH_APP_ID);   
$query = sprintf("select * from social.contacts where guid=me;");  
$response = $session->query($query); 

/**** printing the contact emails starts ****/

   foreach($response->query->results->contact as $id){

       foreach($id->fields as $subid){

               if( $subid->type == 'email' )
               echo $subid->value."<br />";
/**** printing the contact emails ends ****/
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I will try this - and let you know –  RussellHarrower Dec 1 '11 at 5:21
@RussellHarrower : did u get it working? –  mithunsatheesh Dec 5 '11 at 20:35

Looking at github you can see that the yahoo-yos-php package is deprecated. it will be replaced by the yahoo-yos-php5 package. Perhaps you should download that and try using it instead.

BTW, yahoo-yos-php uses a YOS API call (doc) to fetch the data while yahoo-yos-php5 uses YQL queries. So the end result of using the new package is the same as @mithunsatheesh solution only packaged in a yahoo distribution.

Here is a link to the class, and the function itself:

public function getContacts($guid = null, $offset = 0, $limit = 10)
  if($guid == null && !is_null($this->token))
    $guid = $this->token->yahoo_guid;

  $rsp = $this->yql(sprintf('SELECT * FROM social.contacts(%s,%s) WHERE guid="%s"', $offset, $limit, $guid));

  return isset($rsp->query->results) ? $rsp->query->results : false;
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Search this method getContacts() from yahoo api file (i.e Yahoo.inc), and increase the limit to 500. Initially it would be 10.

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