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I have an existing node.js app where users have a library of files that are stored with GridFS. Each user has their own library. I would like to make the library mountable with WebDAV so that a user could manage their library from their desktop.

I have seen jsDAV used to access the filesystem but it is not clear how to extend it for use with a virtual file system. I found gitDav but it is not clear how to use it.

Is this even possible without starting from scratch?

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It looks like jsDAV is the only option. It is a port of a PHP library and it is not setup in such a way that you can use it like a normal node.js module. I found a few examples of server types that others have created to connect it with dropbox and couchdb.

I am now working on a server type that will work more like you would expect a node.js module to work. The next step will be making it play nice with npm. You can see my fork here.

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