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Here's the scenario:

SharePoint 2010. Created a custom list with a bunch of columns. Also created 3 content types and added these to the list. Each of the content types, when selected, will show a subset of the columns from the list. Currently, when I click on the Edit Item button, the first Row is for you to select the content type you want, which is exactly what I want to be available in my custom edit form.

However, this Content Type drop down list is NOT available in InfoPath and in SharePoint Designer, it only shows up as text that reads the current content type you're on. All I'm trying to do is add the Content Type drop down list to my customized edit form. Does anyone know if this is possible to do without writing code (ie only using InfoPath 2010 or SharePoint Designer)?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks! :)

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SharePoint related questions would be very welcome on [] ( - you might want to consider posting it there, or better still asking for it to be migrated. – SPDoctor Nov 20 '11 at 10:23
[ContentType SP2010][1] [1]:… – Alex Muni Apr 25 '12 at 13:34

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