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I tried to draw a selected text using two TextOut call and TA_UPDATECP flag but when I move the selected area, the characters are moving a bit.

Does someone know the correct way to do that ?

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According to the MSDN documentation, when you have set the TA_UPDATECP flag using SetTextAlign(), TextOut() ignores its position parameters in favor of the device context's current position. Without seeing your code, I suspect that your drawing algorithm calls TextOut() with a current position that differs slightly based on the selection.

As a debugging strategy, you can call GetCurrentPositionEx() just before you call TextOut() to obtain the current position and make sure it matches your expectation for where the text should be drawn.

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I believe that antialiasing and ClearType can draw text at fractional pixel positions. If you draw a string of text, and then try to redraw a portion of the middle, there might not be a way for you to draw text starting at exactly the same position as those characters in the middle. The trick seems to be to redraw the entire string, but with a clipping region for the selected text.

This tutorial on writing a Win32 text editor goes into quite some detail on how to draw selected text.

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